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Road Safety ••• It Starts With You


 Licensed drivers in Ontario have responsibility to drive safely. Driver error causes 85 per cent of collisions. Every six minutes, someone is injured in a collision. Every eight hours a person dies. You can stop a collision before it happens by having safe driving habits.

Here are five ways you can help make Ontario’s roads safer:


  • DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Do not drive when you are taking medication that will affect your driving.

  • ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT. Not wearing your seat belt costs you a fine and adds two demerit points to your driver’s licence.

  • OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT. Lower your speed when road and weather conditions are poor.

  • DO NOT TAKE RISKS. Do not cut people off in traffic, make sudden lane changes or run yellow lights.


Always remember that you share the road with other cars, trucks, cyclists, and pedestrians. Safe driving habits require practice.

Here are five more ways to help make Ontario’s roads safer:


  • YIELD THE RIGHT OF WAY. If you are not sure who has the right of way, let the other vehicle go first.

  • KEEP A TWO SECOND SPACE between your vehicle and the one ahead. To check your distance: start counting when the vehicle ahead passes a fixed object; stop counting when your vehicle reaches the same spot.

  • AVOID DISTRACTIONS. Keep your attention on the road. Do not have too many people in the car or play loud music.

  • ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BLIND SPOT. Look in your mirror and over your shoulder before you change lanes.

  • CHECK TRAFFIC in all directions before going into an intersection.

As a safe driver, you must keep a constant watch on your surroundings and be aware of people and vehicles around you at all times.



Road Safety Is No Accident


Driver Errors Cause 85% of Collisions


EVERY YEAR collisions kill 1,100 people and injure 90,000 more.

EVERY EIGHT HOURS one person dies.

EVERY SIX MINUTES someone is injured.

COLLISIONS COST Ontario $9 billion every year. Much of that enormous cost of lost productivity and the pain and suffering caused by collisions. It also includes:

  • 800,000 hours of police time

  • 150,000 days of hospital care

  • 74,000 visits to emergency rooms

  • 38,000 ambulance calls

  • 9,000 fire department responses

 THE PEOPLE of Ontario do not have to pay the high cost of collisions — most collisions can be prevented.




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